You can sign up with your email address or Google account. We will send you an email with a link, which you need to click to verify that it's yours. After that, you will be asked to set a password (if you signed up via email). Then you are all set and can start sending your Thank You Cards.

Yes, you do. It helps us to protect you and other users from spam and malicious messages. Having an account allows you to get the most out of your Thank It Back experience.

No, it's not necessary. If you send a Thank You Card by email, they will receive it in their inbox and can view it in full or open it in a browser. If you share the Thank You Card via a link, it can be opened in a default browser in full view too.

Disclaimer! Be careful with sharing a link to your card since we don't control where it can be posted or with whom it can be re-shared.

You don't have to worry. On the Sign-in page, type in your email address, which you used for signing up, and click the link “I forgot my password”. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

If you need our help and couldn't find the answer to your question on our Help page, please send us an email at care@thankitback.com

We encourage you to express your gratitude in different ways. However, we think that having a dedicated platform for giving thanks has many benefits. You can:

  • Make your message more beautiful with a specially crafted design,
  • Easily see all your sent and received cards in one dedicated place,
  • Reflect on the role that people play in your life (and vice versa),
  • Inspire others if you choose to share your message on the Gratitude Wall,
  • Start looking at your life from a different angle,
  • Help our mission of spreading gratitude around the world.

A Thank You Card that has already been sent via email or shared as a link cannot be changed. You can still edit it only if you saved it as a Draft.

No, a Thank You Card that you already sent can't be unsent. You can delete it from your Dashboard, but it will still appear among the Cards received by another person, unless they delete it as well. In this case, this Card will be removed completely.

It's a collection of anonymous Thank You Cards messages written by other Thank It Back users.

You can use it to get inspiration on how to express gratitude using your own Thank You Cards.

And it's exciting to see how different people's paths cross in very unexpected ways.

Lastly, it is also a source of hope, reminding you that you can give and receive support when you least expect it.

Important! You can choose whether or not you want to share your messages on the Gratitude Wall. We only post them if you've allowed us to do so by selecting a toggle in the form. And they are posted anonymously.

Yes, for that you need to go to your Dashboard, find that Card among the sent ones, click on View the Card and deselect the Gratitude Wall toggle.


If you received Cards to your email address that you used for creating your Thank It Back account, you will see them all in your Dashboard.

Or, if you received them as a link, you will be able to restore them and add them to your collection in your Dashboard once you're created your account.

👣 By the way, we call Thank You Cards that you are receiving ‘your Footprints'.

We understand your concerns about data privacy. We assure you that we don't share your data with any external parties. Ever.

Disclaimer! We are not responsible for the information that you send or share in your Thank You Cards. That's why we recommend to send them via email or not to include any private information if you share a card via a link.

And of course, please don't share your Thank It Back login credentials with anybody.

Becoming a paid Premium member gives you more!

  • You can send an unlimited of Thank You Cards,
  • There are more beautiful card designs to choose from,
  • You become an Insider in the RetrospActors community.
  • You will get exclusive information about the RetrospAct app, regular status updates, possibility of co-creation with us, participation in testing, etc.
  • You also get an automatic subscription to the Premium features of the RetrospAct app after its launch.

Please check our Membership plans to see what you'll receive in exchange for your financial support.

Yes, Thank It Back Membership is subscription-based. It means that you will be charged at the end of your Subscription Period which can be a month or a year.

Did you notice that your Free stock of Thank You Cards is not enough? No worries! You can upgrade your Membership to Premium at any time on the Memberships Page (don’t forget to sign in to your Thank It Back account first).

Yes, of course. To do that, please go to the Memberships Page and get the annual subscription plan. The new subscription plan will automatically become active after the current billing cycle.

Yes, you can do it in your Thank It Back account from the Memberships Page by clicking “Cancel renewal” link or by contacting us at care@thankitback.com. After stopping your subscription from auto-renewing, your last payment will remain valid and you will have access to Premium Membership benefits until the end date of your current payment period.

As per our Terms of Use: Citizens of the EU member countries are entitled to a 14-day money back guarantee for purchases made directly through the Thank It Back website for our annual subscriptions for Premium Membership. It means that any amount paid by you to us will be refunded to you within 14 calendars days of the withdrawal, taking into account your previous consents and confirmations. To withdraw from the contract, You as the Consumer should fill out the standard form ( download here) and send it signed to care@thankitback.com.

The number of Cards that can be sent per month is limited only if you are a Free member. If you find that you truly have more people to thank, then you can remove any monthly limit by upgrading to a Premium membership.

We do it to prompt you to think carefully and choose words that you want to tell to another person.

No, your messages are hidden on our database and no one else will see them, unless you choose to share them on the Gratitude Wall.

But because we want to ensure that the Thank It Back space stays kind and clean for all our members, we use a friendly robot to scan all messages for bad words. If it detects any, you will be prompted to reconsider your choice of words before being able to send your Thank YOu Card.

Yes, of course! We believe that it's equally important to give credit to ourselves, not just to others. But please remember that these Cards will also be counted within your monthly card limit if you use Free Membership.

It stands for “Thank You Card”, you know, our own language.

Yes, please! Send us an email to care@thankitback.com, and we'll provide you with the requirements.

Trust us, we want to, but it's still a work in progress. Before presenting it to a wider audience we want to make sure that everything works as intended and that it brings that massive value that we envision.

But we want to receive feedback during testing. And that's why we invite you to become our Premium member to discover more about this unique app and share your opinion with us.

Yes, for sure. These are two separate things even though they are very much connected. If you decide to use the app, your cards will migrate there in a very cool way 😉

Yes, sure! In your Dashboard you can restore all the Thank You Cards shared with you as links before (and even after) you created an account at the Thank It Back platform.

Please contact our support by writing an email to care@thankitback.com, and we'll make sure that no bit of gratitude sent and received by you is lost.

We'll be happy to know what you think about our gratitude movement, our Thank You Cards, and hear your stories about how using our platform has changed your life. Please send your feedback to care@thankitback.com,

As it often happens, it appeared from an unsatisfied need of our founder Ekaterina. You can read Our story here. And you can discover more about our origin and backstory in our social accounts. Follow us on Instagram , Medium and Facebook not to miss anything

We appreciate any kind of help, especially now - given our growth and big plans. Please contact us at care@thankitback.com and share your CV, LinkedIn profile, portfolio and ideas on how you would like to contribute to the Thank It Back Movement.

We don't want language to become a barrier for expressing your gratitude and for spreading our Thank It Back Movement. Right now we are available in English, but we are looking into launching more languages in the future, but we don't always have resources for that.

If you want to help with translation and feel confident in your language skills, you can contact us at care@thankitback.com. We will happily accept your help with taking Thank It Back even further.

But in the meantime, don't let it stop you from sending your cards! While the template is in English, the message that you include on your Card can be written in any language.

We will keep your Thank You Cards for 3 months after you delete your account. That means that if you change your mind within the three months following the deletion and try to create an account with the same email address, we will be able to restore your cards. However, after three months your cards will be lost forever.

Once the RetrospAct app is launched, you will be able to sign in there using your credentials for the Thank It Back account. Level of your access will depend on the Membership Plan you will have with the Thank It Back, but it will be possible to change it.